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EKlecticCoreV4™ NinjaTrader Add-On

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EKlecticCoreV4™ NinjaTrader add-on is a powerful automated strategy, and a suite of professional-level indicators that can be useful for new traders, and experienced pros alike.

EKlecticCore's Abundant Indicators

Our NinjaTrader add-on includes more than 35 indicators, several of which are visually and analytically unique. Nearly all of the indicators display Entry, Exit, and Trend on the chart, most of which can be used by our automated strategy (more info below). You can use our indicators for manual trading, or to design your own customized automated strategy based upon whatever combination of entry, trend, exit, and configuration parameters you choose!

Powerful Automated Strategy Engines

Our package currently includes our two most powerful strategy engines:

  1. Universal Strategy
  2. Auto-Switching Strategy

Both engines allow you to choose an Entry indicator (for entry signals), a Trend indicator (to validate the entries based on the current trend), and an optional exit strategy. Plus you have complete control over the number of contracts to enter on each entry, the number of entries per direction, order types for entry/exit, profit target, stop loss, etc. Our strategy engines also comes with built-in configurable safeguards to prevent trading beyond certain loss levels. Add to this our "quick" backtesting statistics, real-time trade statistics, email/texting alerts, three configurable session times for trading, etc., and you won't hold it against us for saying that the EKlecticCoreV4 is a "best-in-class" software package!

The Universal Strategy allows you configure one of our Entry indicators, and one of our Trend indicators. The Auto-Switching strategy allows you to configure two different "setups" (one entry/trend indicator for each setup), and then configure how the strategy reacts when one or more entries have lost.

For complete details, see our Documentation section.

An Incredible Value

Most automated strategies are based on a SINGLE indicator or method that is notoriously inflexible, incapable of adapting to the realties of different market types or instruments. EKlecticCoreV4™ allows you the trader to create your own automated strategy based upon the indicators and parameters that you prefer, allowing you to maintain control and adapt your strategy to different charts, markets, and instruments.

Many indicators are priced several hundred dollars EACH, and strategies are priced in the (obscene) range of $3000 to $5000. EKlecticCoreV4™ provides an incredible value in its price range by offering more than 30 professional-level indicators, and its "Universal Strategy" engine for creating and testing literally hundreds of different strategies.

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See additional production information below for the list of indicators and strategies provided in the add-on.

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