EKlecticCore Software and Consulting

Database Sync

Many businesses depend upon both desktop and web databases. EKlecticCore can save you time and money by automating and integrating your data!

For example:

  • Import web data into MS Access or FileMaker databases.
  • Export data from MS Access or FileMaker to your website.
  • Sync data between different apps or databases.
  • All of the above!

Let us automate these routine tasks for your business, free up your employees' time, and use those hours to add value to your business!

Data Migration, Conversion, and Automation

Our staff has decades of experience in creating custom solutions for data migration, conversion, and automation.

  • Data migration projects involve moving existing data from one system to another, for example moving data from MySQL to SAP, or from Sage to QuickBooks, etc.
  • Data conversion projects involve converting data from one format to another, for example from XML to SQL, from SQL to Excel, from FileMaker to MS Access, etc.
  • Data automation projects involve the automation of regular and ongoing data exchange between two or more systems, for example ongoing invoice imports into QuickBooks, converting and importing order details from a PDF document into an order entry database, etc.

These are just a few of the many solutions we have created for others, and we could assist your business with, as well.


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