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Custom Quickbooks solutions, integration and automation

  • We can import nearly any data into Quickbooks!
  • We can produce reports from Quickbooks deemed "impossible" by others!

EKlecticCore technology enables quick development of custom solutions for your business needs. If you or your employees are spending several hours a month handling Quickbooks data, compiling spreadsheets, or producing routine reports...

Services we offer include:

  • Automation of conversion of third-party data into importable Quickbooks files or other formats.
  • Automation of conversion of exported Quickbooks data into reports or other formats.
  • File transfer automation server to send and receive files.
  • Web portal for exchange of files, and one-off or manual-launch of automation programs.
  • Advanced Excel macro development with friendly user interface.
  • And much more!

ECommerce websites with Quickbooks integration

EKlecticCore technology includes many robust backend features that are all managed with your favorite browser:

  • Order Administration
  • Product Management
  • Product Categories
  • Data exports from website into Quickbooks
    • Orders can be exported as Sales Receipts or Invoices
      • If orders exported as Invoices, refunds generate Credit Memos and Checks.
      • If orders exported as Sales Receipts, refunds generate Check only.
    • Customer info from website automatically updates Quickbooks
    • Products can be Service, Non-Inventory, Inventory, etc.
    • Related Quickbooks accounts automatically created

And many slick frontend features to wow your customers:

  • Customizable product blocks/groups
  • Product presentation
  • Featured product block, single item, randomized from list, and more!
  • "Instant Cart" technology (no page refresh when adding items)

And too much more to list!