EKlecticCore Software Development


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ECommerce websites with Quickbooks integration

EKlecticCore technology includes many robust backend features that are all managed with your favorite browser:

  • Order Administration
  • Product Management
  • Product Categories
  • Data exports from website into Quickbooks
    • Orders can be exported as Sales Receipts or Invoices
      • If orders exported as Invoices, refunds generate Credit Memos and Checks.
      • If orders exported as Sales Receipts, refunds generate Check only.
    • Customer info from website automatically updates Quickbooks
    • Products can be Service, Non-Inventory, Inventory, etc.
    • Related Quickbooks accounts automatically created

And many slick frontend features to wow your customers:

  • Customizable product blocks/groups
  • Product presentation
  • Featured product block, single item, randomized from list, and more!
  • "Instant Cart" technology (no page refresh when adding items)

And too much more to list!

Custom Quickbooks solutions and automation

EKlecticCore technology enables quick development of custom solutions for your business needs. If you or your employees are spending several hours a month handling Quickbooks data, compiling spreadsheets, or producing routine reports...

Services we offer include:

  • Advanced Excel macro development with friendly user interface.
  • Automating conversion of third-party data into importable Quickbooks files.
  • Automating conversion of exported Quickbooks data into reports.
  • File transfer automation server to receive files from third-parties.
  • And much more!