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EKlectic Find Duplicates V1 Software

EKlectic Find Duplicates is a utility app that searches two separate locations for duplicate files using our proprietary fast-matching algorithm. It generates a report of the duplicates found which can then be used to handle the files however you choose (i.e. via script, by hand, etc.).


Mac users: click the file ending with DMG (app is codesigned)

Windows users: click the file ending with EXE

EKlectic Find Duplicates V1 Install_1_0_6_64bit.dmg (10.7Mb)
EKlectic Find Duplicates V1 Setup_1_0_6_64bit.exe (13.6Mb)

Features overview:

  • Works on both Mac and Windows.
  • Complete plain-text lists of all files in both locations can be optionally saved to Desktop.
  • Duplicates Report saved to Desktop as tab-delimited/CSV text file (viewable in spreadsheet software, and easily "scriptable").