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EKlecticCart Content Management

EKlecticCart is the enterprise-level E-Commerce package built upon the EKlecticCore Content Mangement System (EKCCMS) and framework.The EKlecticCore technology includes:

  • Browser-based content management
  • Browser-based product management
    • Our product manager is capable of handling the most basic "shop-and-drop" products, or complicated product scenarios such as downloads, automatic software licenses, bundles/kits, maximum order quantites, coupon codes, and much more!
  • Built-in two-way QuickBooks integration (IIF import/export)
  • Modular/customizable payment and shipping gateways
    • Easily integratable with existing payment processing gateways
    • If your company's existing payment processor or bank has an online gateway (API), then EKCCMS can be customized to use it.
  • Highly configurable E-Commerce solution
    • EKCCMS can be configured to allow customers to self-register, or used as a portal for preconfigured users.
    • EKCCMS supports wholesaler sites where prices are hidden from anonymous visitors.
    • EKCCMS can be configured as POS or Work Order entry system.
    • EKCCMS supports user and group-level security so you can hide what you want from whom you want.
  • Designed to handle any size store--whether you're selling just one item, or several thousands of products.
  • Mobile-device friendly (both server and client-side responsive design).
    • Order page options include a signature pad (for companies that require customer's to sign).
  • Built from the ground-up with web security in mind
    • Our heuristic security is designed to prevent SQL-injection, DOS attacks, and various other hacks.

EKCCMS technology is modular and extensible which means that it can be used as-is, or extended with custom web apps to meet any need.