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EKlecticSong Presentation Software

EKlecticSong allows you to create playlists for song services and sermons, generate printable song book PDFs, use iPads and other tablets to automatically display song chords for the currently projected song, and much more.


Mac users: click the file ending with DMG

Windows users: click the file ending with EXE

EKlecticSong V1 Install_1_0_207_64bit.dmg (86.7Mb)
EKlecticSong V1 Setup_1_0_207_64bit.exe (155.4Mb)


  • Cross-Platform: Works on both macOS and Windows
  • Built-in "Chord Server"
    • "Chords" button displays real-time chord sheets on any device with a web browser (e.g. iPads and other tablet devices with Safari, Chrome, FireFox, etc.).
    • "Monitor" button turns a tablet, phone, or computer into an extra presentation "monitor".
    • "Control" button allows you to control your presentation from any wireless device on your network by using a simply web browser.
    • No additional software required.
  • Drag-and-drop enabled playlists: Drop plain text, media, image, Slide files, ChordPro files, etc.
  • Bible Mode: Quickly create and (optionally) auto-present Bible scriptures from one of the included versions. Can also import any version saved in the Zefania XML format.
  • Presentations can include mixed media:
    • Supports the most common audio, video, and image formats (e.g. MP3, MP4, JPG, PNG, and others).
  • Customizable presentations: Font, character and line spacing all configurable for dynamically generated slides.
  • Background images: Use a default background image for slides, or configure a custom background for each slide. Display a separate image when presentation is stopped/idle.
  • Background audio: Add "sing-along" audio files or soundbytes to slides.
  • File Import: Import an entire OpenSong song library, or one-off import of ChordPro, OpenSong, and plain text files.
  • Slide transitions: Include configurable Fade, Up-Down, and Left-Right options.
  • Advanced presentations: Auto-advancing loops, mixed media, background music, and much more are possible.
  • Slide error checker: Slides with known formatting or content issues are highlighted in the Files list so they can be corrected.
  • Quick workflow features:
    • Quick-access controls on main screen for Display number, and presentation mode.
    • Rapid playlist creation can be done with either mouse (double-clicking on slides) or keyboard (using Search/Filter box).
    • App files and playlists can be shared by multiple users (e.g. via network share, Dropbox, etc.)

macOS Version Installation:

As of EKlecticSongV1 1.0.178, our macOS App is codesigned. However, if you install a previous version or see the following error:

"EKlecticSong V1 is damaged
and can't be opened. You should
move it to the

... please download the latest version and reinstall, or alternatively, simply open the Terminal app (under Applications->Utilities) and copy/paste the following command:

xattr -d com.apple.quarantine "/Applications/EKlecticSong V1.app"